Mittwoch, 14. Dezember 2016

The power and precision of a high-pressure metering with dual drives, high chemical resistance and universal application

Nano metering pump up to 5 ml/min and 750 bar •

Micro metering pump up to 10 ml/min and 600 bar •

Prep.-metering pump up to 40 ml/min and 300 bar

Carino-09 high-pressure pumps are specialized, highly accurate piston pumps for the analytical and preparative applications and HPLC-technique, but also Micro-and Nano metering pumps in low and high pressure applications for laboratory, research and development and process optimization. They are characterized by their versatile material equipment, their dual drive technology with two independently working metering pistons and their flexible software. Available with 3 pump head sizes of 1 ml / min up to 50 ml / min and 3 pressure versions of 150 up to 750 bar. With easy operation via touch panel and TFT color screen, direct entry of dosing parameters, menu selection, purge and setup functions. Application-specific materials with stainless steel-, Hastelloy-, Titaniumand PEEK pump heads. With titanium pump head and ceramic sensor for inert applications with maximum biocompatibility. In 1- or 2- pump head design for pulse-free or dual metering in fillingreaction or other high-pressure processes. With working and auxiliary piston used for all analytical and HPLC applications. With piston back flushing to avoid solid deposits and piston wear. Integrated pressure control with programmable pressure Pmin and Pmax. Process- and automation capable control and flexible integration capability with extensive connectivity options.

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